Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hey all,

Things have been really busy in the Wambsganss household. Warren and I have been working a lot of overtime lately and that is why I've pretty much disappeared from everything.

Warren is busy with his wine making. I have to admit the stuff from this year's crop is looking pretty good. I don't have any significant hobbies that I am doing right now.

I hope to post some pictures of Warren's emerging vineyard, it's taking our whole yard.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Fall

I think it is officially Fall in Iowa. The mornings and evenings are cooler and there is a crisp breeze now. I like Fall, so I am excited to make dishes out of apples and making more soups and stews. I already have all my fall decorations out in my house.

The only downside to Fall is that it leads to winter. I don't like winter, too cold and too much problems with driving.

Well, that's about all about my favorite season.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello everyone!!!

It's fall and I noticed that I have not written since the middle of July!

It is fall and school is starting again. We are in the slump now, finally, for work and I am down to 10 cases, yeah!!!! I can actually get stuff done now.

We are going on vacation this weekend to Ohio to finally see Jennie and Ray and their baby Adam. We are excited, but not looking forward to the car trip though.

My parents are coming the week of September 8-12 and Warren is going to have my dad busy! We might be able to see my Aunt Betty who lives in central Iowa and my cousin Sandy who lives in Missouri and is two years younger than me.

Youth group will really keep me busy! I am sharing my duties with another person so that helps. I hope it will be a great year for my youth.

Well, gotta go. I am enjoying my last few days of being in my 20's as I will turn 30 on Saturday.


PS please respond if you read this, so I know if I should continue to blog and try to write more often to keep everyone informed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Summer

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. We are doing well, things are busy around here, as always. Warren is busy with his grape vines and summer projects. Warren is also busy with work and will hopefully get a promotion this September.

I am really busy with the youth group. We are cleaning the fairgrounds this week starting Thursday and going through I will be pretty insanely busy this week.

Work is going well. I am in my second month in my new position and the learning curve is amazing. I do keep forgetting small paperwork things and that is going to be a problem. I still seem to forget certain things. I am getting better at interviewing and assessing cases, but still have a lot of work to do.

Well, that's all for now,


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Warren's grapevines

Here are some pictures Warren took of his grape vines today.

flowers and rose bushes


We have a really good crop of strawberries this year. Here are some pictures of me making strawberry jam.